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Posts from March 2012

Parents at The Oaks

Tomorrow, The Oaks Academy is hosting the Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Oaks ParentsHere at the Oaks, we believe that parents and teachers are partners in the education of their children and students.

Find out what our parents are saying about The Oaks – click now to watch the video.

Growing The Oaks

Our school community invites you to learn about our growth by reading the 2010-2011 Annual Report

 You will hear from the Head of School:

“One school, two locations.  These four words sum up the biggest decision made by The Oaks during the 2010-2011 academic year.  In fact, it’s our biggest decision since a few families joined forces 15 years ago to start The Oaks.”

 As well as insights from the Board Chair:

“The demand for The Oaks Academy is great – from families wanting to enroll their children, from high schools who seek our graduates, from donors who want to support what we do, and from the greater community in Indianapolis who wants to see us grow.”

Also in the 2010-2011 Annual Report, you will find the Financial Summary and the Donor List of the individuals, foundations, and companies that generously support The Oaks’ mission and growth.

Click now to download the 2010-2011 Annual Report.

Saturday School

Written by Laura Grammer, Academic Dean

For some, the idea of school on Saturday might conjure up visions of a detention day or children staring longingly out of the school windows wishing they could be released to a day of freedom.  At The Oaks, children, families and even faculty look forward to attending school on Saturday twice a year.

These Saturday mornings are busy.  Moms and dads, grandmas, even alumni, all crowd into classrooms with the students to participate in a variety of activities, offering an interactive peek into the students’ classroom experience.  For example, fifth grade families partake in several science activities, including creating a circuit powered by a battery and shark dissecting.

This special morning also offers an opportunity for parents to partner with the school in a unique way.  More than 20 faculty and staff members lead workshops on topics such as “Motor Skill Development,” “Selecting Living Books,” “Habit Development,” and “Cyber Safety.”

Parents may also select from workshops that invite them to participate in learning in the same way as their children: taking an art lesson, learning how to do nature studies, reading Shakespeare, or singing in a parent choir.  These lively sessions are filled with great ideas and interactions with the parents and faculty.

While going to school on a Saturday may seem like a daunting prospect for families and students, when the morning is over, there are smiles, joy, new learning, and great memories that are crowding into the hearts and minds of The Oaks Academy community.

Patriotic Speech Festival

Last evening, the students and teachers of The Oaks Academy’s fifth grade class presented the annual Patriotic Speech Festival.

Ten student finalists participated in the competition, presenting historic speeches by great American leaders.

Special guest judges, then, made the difficult decision of determining the evening’s winners.  Congratulations to the entire fifth grade class, especially the top three orators:

  • speech winnersEmily Padgett, Third Place:  “A Disappointed Woman”delivered by Lucy Stone, 1855
  • Jonathan Vanest, Second Place:  “First Inaugural Address” delivered by Thomas Jefferson, 1801
  • Marley Altman, First Place:  “Civil Disobedience” written by Henry David Thoreau, 1849

Ladies and Gentlemen

The gentlemen escorted the ladies into the room, arms linked.  The gentlemen then helped the ladies to their seats, pulling out the chairs. 

The ladies and gentlemen are Oaks students in second and sixth grade participating in the annual Good Manners Luncheon.  The students practice proper etiquette:  patiently waiting for all to be served prior to eating, keeping elbows off the table, and placing the butter on their plates before spreading it on their bread.

This learning is made possible by the generosity of C&T Design and Equipment Co. whose leaders support The Oaks’ mission and believe that good manners benefit children throughout their lives.  Thank you, C&T, for your commitment to Oaks students.

Good Manners

Near Eastside Renewal

Written by Andrew Hart, Fall Creek Head of School

The Super Bowl and the festivities of the week were an undisputed success, inspiring pride in our city.   The Super Bowl Legacy Project leaves a positive, tangible reminder of how a big event can bring focus, investment and renewal to a neglected neighborhood. 

In fact, the civic focus on the near eastside was one of the reasons we choose the Brookside neighborhood for our second location.  For the same reasons that the Super Bowl leadership chose the near eastside— a neighborhood demoralized by violent crime, an excess of abandoned homes, a dried-up manufacturing job base, and now generational poverty – we chose the near eastside.  

The Legacy Project has strategically focused on residential and commercial renewal.  We are focused on another key element for community rebuilding: the presence of a quality school.   In fact, community development surveys indicate that a quality school is the second most significant factor when a home buyer chooses a neighborhood, behind safety and security.   

We don’t expect a direct financial benefit from the residential work in St. Clair Place or the investment along the 10th Street corridor.  But we know for certain that a healthy neighborhood depends on a successful, thriving school. 

One of The Oaks’ core values is that our school serves as a catalyst for renewal.  The inspiration for this value is Isaiah 61: 3b-4:  “They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.  They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”

In this way we see The Oaks Academy, Brookside as a strong compliment to the Legacy Project and the other great work happening on the near eastside.   We look forward to launching our second location in August.

Math Counts

The room was full of students, peering forward to hear the next question – eager to solve the problem for themselves. 

When the correct answer was reported, the students responded with audible “oohs” and “ahhs.”  They were excited about math.

The Math Counts Competition brings together local schools for a friendly contest, featuring word problems in mathematics.  This year, the participating Oaks team was a group of fifth through eighth grade students who expressed an interest in extracurricular math activities.

The Oaks Math Counts team is just one of the after-school activities and clubs offered through the Oaks Plus program.  Interested in learning more about Oaks Plus?  Contact Chad Lynn by email ( or phone (317.931.3697).