December 13th, 2016: Due to the snow, the boys basketball games and girls basketball practice have been cancelled. After Care is available at all locations.

Posts from July 2012

Catalyst for Renewal

Rebuilding community is not a simple task on the to-do list to be marked off when the day is done.

Relationship building and community development is a long-term process, made possible by:

  • Significant scholarship support
  • Partnerships with parents
  • Diversity in the student body
  • Relationships with neighbors

The Oaks Academy is a school of change, of renewal, and of transformation.

Personhood of the Child

We do not believe that children are diminished versions of adults.  Instead, students are viewed as whole persons.

Both a four-year-old student in a Pre-Kindergarten classroom and a fourteen-year-old student in an eighth grade classroom are treated as whole persons.

All are valuable and worthy of respect.  All are capable of maturation and the formation of habits that allow for deep learning.   All are created in the image of God.

Each child at The Oaks Academy is an important part of our school community.

Relationships Come First

Where did that family move?  What is that new teacher’s name?  Where does that student need help?

These are examples of frequently asked questions, overhead in the halls and classrooms of The Oaks Academy.  We focus on getting to know each other, beyond just knowing a name and a face.

Building relationships is essential to who we are as a school community.  Students grow because teachers and families become partners in education.  The school thrives because volunteers and staff members learn to work together.