December 13th, 2016: Due to the snow, the boys basketball games and girls basketball practice have been cancelled. After Care is available at all locations.

Posts from July 2013

Camp Oaks: Adventure Trip

Four days ago a group of students entering the 7th-9th grades returned from a weeklong adventure trip sponsored by Camp Oaks.  The group visited the Red River Gorge, Natural Bridge State Park, Cumberland Falls, and went whitewater rafting. 

This unique experience, with a course charted through Kentucky and Tennessee, inherently and by design required participants to step outside of comfort zones and overcome challenges both individually and as a group.

Summer Fun

This week concludes the summer learning series.  Here are three life applicable activities to engage in as a family:

  • Discuss current events over the dinner table.
  • Practice life skills – learn a new chore and make it a habit.
  • Practice cooking skills and meal planning.

Remember to incorporate nature exploration, arts and culture, and math and reading skills into your summer plans.  Visit the previous blogs for specific activities.

Summer Fun: Math and Reading Skills

It is important for students to continue utilizing core subject skills throughout the summer.  Below are several ways to actively use math and reading skills on summer explorations: 

  • Choose a read aloud for the family.
  • Write in a journal.
  • Practice math by having your child calculate taxes and tips when you go out.
  • Look for geometry in nature.
  • Compare units and prices at the grocery store.
  • Use maps on your summer trip to calculate distances, cost and speed.
  • Listen to audio books together in the car.
  • Do summer reading; do not read for prizes.

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Summer Fun: Arts and Culture

Exposure to arts is critical to brain development, specifically the skills of observation, concentration, visualization and manipulation.  The following activities provide ways to incorporate arts and culture into your summer: 

  • Make a sculpture out of clay or salt dough.
  • Have a puppet show, put on a play or have a dance party.
  • Learn origami.
  • Create a percussion instrument out of junk.


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