December 13th, 2016: Due to the snow, the boys basketball games and girls basketball practice have been cancelled. After Care is available at all locations.

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Advance the Wonderful Work of our School

Advance the Wonderful Work of our School

Thank you for being a valuable part of The Oaks Academy family!

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Welcome Back from Andrew Hart

Written by Andrew Hart, Fall Creek Head of School

In a matter of days, we’ll begin anew.  Students will enter the building excited to be ‘another year older.’  First graders will experience what it’s like not to have nap time.  Fifth graders will quickly learn that Mrs. Butler treats all people, even ten-year-olds, as responsible adults.  And, our eighth graders will begin to understand their role as leaders of our community.  But before we embark on this new year, it is important that you know what your financial support enabled us to accomplish this past year.  

We continue to be one of the best schools in the city, if not the country.

We were recently reaccredited by ISACS, a national organization that evaluates the high-achieving independent schools in the country.  Our faculty and staff continue to grow, both in strength and in number. With every new teacher, we add more talent; and our students are prepared to thrive in a global society – entering the best high schools, colleges and workplaces around.

We continue our aggressive growth.

Our first year at the Brookside location did not come without challenges, but the entire school community grew stronger - knowing we are now impacting the lives of even more children.  The families that pioneered this new school location have voiced their support; 94% are returning this year.

We serve children deeply – knowing and loving each and every student.

Maya* is a young student from a difficult background.  She struggled daily with anger - causing her to be sent to the office nearly every day, sometimes multiple times per day. Eventually, she grew to work through her anger, chose to love school and became focused on her learning. 

How did this transformation happen?  Our faculty did not give up on her. They helped Maya understand her feelings and develop a positive attitude toward learning. Together, they changed the life trajectory of this child, as well as countless other students who began the year struggling.  

Because of you, this impact is possible. 

The beautiful moments of friendship, healthy relationships with teachers and a focus on the love of learning is what makes our school special.  And you make our school possible.  Thank you for all you’ve done this past year.  We’re excited for another fantastic year ahead.

*Name changed to protect anonymity in stories featuring our students.

Invitation to The Oaks

You are invited to our school community
to experience true education.

All School Chapel
8:30 to 9am, every Wednesday
at both Fall Creek and Brookside

Partner Morning at Brookside
8:15 to 10am, Wednesday, September 18

Partner Morning at Fall Creek
9 to 10:30am, Thursday, September 24

Veterans Day Chapel
8:30 to 9am, Wednesday, November 6
at both Fall Creek and Brookside

Welcome New Faculty!

Today, The Oaks Academy welcomes twenty new teachers to the current faculty at both the Brookside and Fall Creek locations.  Several have moved from out-of-state to join our school community of educators, families and donors.  And, too, for the first time, a former student has returned to join faculty.

“How exciting that we are widening our family,” a parent commented.  As you see new faces in the halls and classrooms this fall, please:  welcome one, welcome all.

Math Academy

Over the summer middle school students have the opportunity to participate in Math Academy.  Math Academy is designed to introduce new concepts and advanced material so that students are able to complete more levels of math than are allowed by the traditional school calendar.  The concepts introduced include the following:

  • Scale drawings
  • Indirect measurements
  • Proportions
  • Cross multiplication
  • Theoretical and experimental probability

As a result of this unique opportunity, 100% of participating seventh and eight grade students pass the high school Algebra End of Course Assessment before they even graduate from The Oaks Academy.  This ensures they are prepared to be successful in all high school math courses.