December 13th, 2016: Due to the snow, the boys basketball games and girls basketball practice have been cancelled. After Care is available at all locations.


A School Grounded in Principles

The Oaks Academy was created with a forming set of Core Values that would stand the test of time, influence strategic decisions, develop an aligned school culture, and guide the growth of The Oaks Academy’s community. See our curriculum guides here.

Personhood of the Child

Unlike the common cultural views of students today as “unlit candles,” “empty buckets,” or “unshapen mounds of clay,” The Oaks Academy sees children as whole persons. Created in the image of God, they are complete persons, valued in who they are, not in who they are becoming. We put emphasis on the student’s ability and responsibility in the classroom and in life, and they leave the Oaks as confident learners ready for the next step in their lives.

Relationships Come First

Everyone is known and loved at The Oaks. Our faculty are intentional about building relationships with students and their families, and students grow to have authentic relationships with their peers and their faculty. Our students regularly engage with caring people, profound ideas, and beautiful things.

Truth, Goodness and Beauty

Our minds thrive on ideas, and education is the process of cultivating a child’s appetite for ideas that represent our highest ideals. The school surrounds the children with an atmosphere that reflects the truths of God. This atmosphere, where children see truth, enjoy beauty, and are inspired by goodness, is promoted through beautiful materials, lasting great ideas, and healthy relationships with one another, the created world, and authority.

Catalyst for Renewal

The biblical verses for which the school is named also help form the vision for Oaks students: “They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the lord for the display of his splendor. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated.” (Isaiah 61:3b-4) Oaks students are known to be catalysts for renewal in the various public or private high schools they attend following graduation from The Oaks.

The Oaks Academy represents a partnership among families, faculty, and staff, but its influence reaches much farther. The school plays an active and valued role in broader communities such as the local neighborhood, alumni, donors and volunteers, local private and charter schools, businesses, churches, and other nonprofits in Indianapolis.


The Oaks Academy exists as a Christ-centered school, one that builds strong moral character and spiritual depth in children, allowing them to discern their faith journeys as they grow in maturity. There is no faith requirement to be a student at The Oaks Academy, and we do not take a stance on social issues. Nevertheless, the spiritual formation of children is important and is at work through an appropriate partnership between parents, the school, and the family’s place of worship.

Educational Philosophy

The Oaks curriculum is based on a classical philosophy of education, guided by a historic timeline that integrates all subjects and emphasizes deep experience in the fine arts, science, math and humanities to enhance learning inside and outside of our school walls.

The Oaks Academy’s approach is built upon the premise that all students are capable of mastering a challenging curriculum, and expectations are equally high for all students. The Oaks partners with families, with a mission of equipping parents as well as students for academic success. We desire to impress upon parents and students alike their need to take responsibility for their own learning.

Our goal for our students is success and maturity. We strive to help them build healthy relationships with ideas, learning, and each other. It’s not just the curriculum that makes us different, but the overall philosophy of what we want our children to learn and become. Learn more about our educational philosophy here.