Academics at The Oaks

The Oaks’ curriculum is based on a classical philosophy of education, guided by a historic timeline that integrates all subjects and emphasizes deep experience in the fine arts, science, math and humanities to enhance learning inside and outside of our school walls.

Oaks' Early Childhood students in the gym

Early Childhood

Pre-K & Kindergarten
At The Oaks, children are seen as whole persons made in the image of God. In the early years, teaching begins with the habits of attention and respect. An introduction to basic curricular concepts comes in the form of living books, and through play – in nature and in the classroom.

Oaks' Lower School students working at their desks

Lower School

1st – 5th Grade
In lower school, students build on the foundation of habits, adding responsibility and reverence. Students dig deeper into civilization’s timeline through the integration of core subjects – the Humanities, Language Arts, Math, Science, Art, Music, and Latin. Classroom learning is supplemented by numerous field trips to parks, museums and arts performances.

Oaks' Middle School students in chapel

Middle School

6th – 8th Grade
The Oaks strives for a positive and rigorous Middle School experience, and works to prepare students academically, socially and spiritually for high school. The Oaks creates an atmosphere that encourages healthy relationships with ideas, one another, the world, and authority.

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