A Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Class

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The days of early education at The Oaks are filled with learning that builds an educational foundation for each student. While their day is full of learning and fun through a variety of activities, our earliest learners receive plenty of time for play and rest throughout the day as well. Let’s explore a day in the life of a Kindergarten class:

Arrival and Worship

Students arrive at school from 8:10 to 8:30 am, where teachers greet the students by name at the threshold of their classroom door. “Good morning!”  “How are you today?”, are heard as all of the students know that they are welcome and that they belong. After practicing the habit of responsibility by neatly tucking their book bags in their cubbies, students have independent activities at their desks until it is time to leave for lauds or chapel.

Lauds and Chapel are a time where we all come together at one time, engage in one activity, and can see ourselves as part of a whole community. Kindergarten students and parents gather silently with a reverent, expectant attitude in the halls for lauds or the gymnasiums for chapel and participate in a time of worship with the rest of the school and exit joyfully to commence the day.

Rug Time and Specials

Once they are back in the classroom, it is time for their morning calendar and recitation time. The calendar activity is actually a lesson in disguise, where the daily student leader conducts the class in recognizing today’s date, it’s sequence in the month so far, and adding another number to their count of school days that have passed so far! From this numeracy lesson, the students transition into language arts studies as they recite their weekly poem along with a short Bible verse.

Depending on the day, the class may then travel to one of their specials classes. Weekly specials include art studio instruction, library, music instruction, or physical education.

After their weekly special concludes, the students gather around their teacher on the carpet and start their bible lesson. During this lesson, the students are engaged through active listening supported by narration. After listening to a section of the reading from their teacher, they are asked to convey what they heard and understood in their own voice and thoughts by repeating back to the class.

A Kindergarten student waits patiently after gathering her art supplies for the day's activity.
A Kindergarten student waits patiently after gathering her art supplies for the day's activity.

Morning Break and Rotations

After focusing all morning, the students finally get to move during their first snack and recess break.

A group of Kindergarten students run outside during their morning recess time
A group of Pre-Kindergarten students sit outside and eat their snack on the first day of school, 2021
A group of Pre-Kindergarten students sit outside and eat their snack on the first day of school, 2021

Once finished outside and back in the classroom, the students launch into their small group rotations. During this time the students break up into small groups that perform various activities to support their learning. This may include playing numbers BINGO, manipulating Play-doh at their desks, or choosing a word and then drawing that item. These activities support their numeracy, fine motor and language / fine arts skills respectively.

Lunch and Nap Time

Finally, it is time for lunch! Students receive their hot lunch in their classroom or pull out their lunch from home where, at their desk, they are given the time to eat. After finishing their meal and cleaning up, the students leave their desk to participate in individual or group play until the next activity.

This is quickly followed by a short story time, which is part of this year’s language arts curriculum that focuses on nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and other quality children’s literature. As storytime wraps up, the students prepare for and start their nap time. If students do not nap, this time may also be used as a quiet time for reflection or time for individual support from the teacher as needed.

Ending of the Day

As nap time ends, the students put away their rest items and continue on to organize their desk and gather up their materials as an early preparation for departure. When completed, the kindergarteners gather together once again for another language arts lesson. The aim of this second storytime is an interactive focus on the story the students are currently reading, with students accompanying the story with puppet theatrics. Students play out the plot and key elements of the story with puppets that they’ve made specifically for the story being read.

To end the day, the students are given a second recess before they wait to be picked up back in the classroom. While waiting for their parents, the students end their day like they started – with a silent reflection and the knowledge that they are known and loved as part of the Oaks community.  

A Kindergarten students enjoys recess on the playground swings in the afternoon

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