Spring Fling Celebrations

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Spring Fling is a tradition as old as The Oaks Academy itself, a May tradition that dates back to our first year as a school in 1998. Born out of a celebration of our unique humanities curriculum and timeline format, it is a way for students to show off and represent (in costume and performance) all of their work and knowledge gained over the last year.

Overall, the tradition is an arts festival that includes art showcases along school hallways and presentations in the classrooms, but is most known for the Parade of the Ages at the lower schools and a night of dancing at the middle school.

For the parade, each lower school closes the street in front of the building where parents socialize and camp out to watch each grade emerge from the school outfitted in costumes and traditional dress appropriate for their “place” in the humanities timeline. During middle school, dancing is an important part of the curriculum, and spring fling is the time where students get to show off their skills with various partner and historically significant dances. Family, friends and alumni are traditionally invited to join us in free dancing as well.

What has been described as a block party for our school’s respective neighborhoods in the past has been significantly altered in the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of the 2019 – 2020 school year, when our schools closed in-person learning for the last few months, we could not experience the Spring Fling activities together in person. Instead, we celebrated virtually with a taste of festivities, like this 8th grade art showcase, and individual classes holding end of year celebrations that included dressing up for class like students would have for the Parade of the Ages (as seen in this edition of the weekly Good News email)!

While families still couldn’t gather together for the traditional Spring Fling activities this year, students were able to celebrate together in ways that were shared with parents. At the lower school, students had the opportunity to participate in a Parade of The Ages that was filmed and shared with families by their Head of School. Student’s artwork and classroom presentations of drama and poetry were also shared with parents online. At the middle school, student’s high school decisions and traditional dancing were also shared in a virtual fashion for parents to enjoy.

A selection of photos and videos from each school can be viewed below!

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