5 Reasons a Private School Is Worth the Cost

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Many parents long to “try something different” for their precious little ones but aren’t sure if paying for private school is worth it. What exactly are you paying for and why would you choose a private school? The answer is different for every family, but here are a few of the top reasons our families make the decision to choose a private school.

1. A Caring Community

Private schools like The Oaks Academy offer a sense of community that is unparalleled. Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, families get to watch their children grow side-by-side for 10 years with the same group of students, teachers, and staff members who were there when they first entered the building. This provides not only warm feelings and heart-felt photos, but also safety and security.

2. Smaller Class Sizes

Research from the prestigious Brookings Institution demonstrated that small class sizes equate to large gains in student learning. Since that time, other studies have demonstrated that an optimal class size is approximately 18 students. Private schools are quite naturally smaller and thus better equipped to keep classes at that number or less. The average class size at The Oaks Academy is 18 students. Despite receiving more applications than spots available, we maintain this number to preserve the integrity of each class. Additionally, both our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten class have a 9:1 student to teacher ratio with the addition of co-teachers.

3. A Christ-Centered Education

One of the major reasons that some families choose private schools is because they want their faith incorporated into their children’s education during their formative years. Private schools like The Oaks Academy are allowed to pray with and for students and study the Bible as a source of literature, truth, and beauty, which some families welcome as a complement to what they may be teaching their children at home.

4. A Rigorous Foundation

According to studies conducted through the NAEP, over 90 % of private school students ranked above basic standards in writing, reading, technology, and geography by 8th grade, while 83% scored above basic in mathematics. At The Oaks Academy, students are given a strong foundation in reading, writing, and numeracy and are presented with challenging texts and critical thinking opportunities that build grit and expand their capacity to solve problems and communicate solutions.

5. Future Outcomes

Private school students and parents are thinking about the future from the first day of kindergarten. One study found that those who completed 8th grade at a private school were more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree in their 20s. Being in an environment where learning is presented as something to love and not loathe helps students understand early that learning lasts a lifetime!

Private schools fill up fast and applying early gives you the best opportunity to enroll. Make sure to apply before our December 1 early admission deadline at www.theoaksacademy.org/apply.

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