Child Care

Oaks Plus Child Care is only for currently enrolled Oaks Academy students. All Oaks students may attend Before and After Care whenever it is offered. Families are only charged for the intervals they actually utilize in Before or After Care. 

Pricing and scholarship for all child care is set on a scale between $3.25 and $6.50 as a percentage of your income per fee interval. If you have any questions about which interval you are assigned to, please contact Chad Lynn, Director of Oaks Plus, at clynn@theoaksacademy.org
All child care charges are billed at the end of each month.

If you have questions, please contact us:


Chad Lynn

Fall Creek

Lasima Packett

Middle School

Dakwon Brooks

Have Questions?

Change is always challenging, especially when it may effect your children. Please share any questions or comments you have using the form below, or by emailing me directly at ahart@theoaksacademy.org.

I’ll respond to your inquiry directly and as quickly as I can.