The Oaks Academy serves students at three downtown Indianapolis campuses. You can find contact information for each campus below.

If you have a question about enrolling a student at The Oaks Academy, please email admissions@theoaksacademy.org or click the button below! 

Campus Locations

The Oaks Academy Fall Creek Campus

Fall Creek Campus


Built in 1898, School #45 was originally an Indianapolis Public Schools. The Oaks Academy opened its doors here in 1998 and is now the owner of the facility. 

The Oaks Academy, Fall Creek currently serves around 375 students, grades Pre-K through 5th grade.


The Oaks Academy Brookside campus

Brookside Campus

School #81 was originally part of Indianapolis Public Schools and was built in 1930. The Oaks Academy now owns the building and has been at this location since 2012.

The Brookside campus currently serves around 250 students, grades Pre-K through 5th grade.

Middle School Campus

School #26 was built in 1920 for Indianapolis Public Schools. After being underutilized for several years, The Oaks Academy acquired the building and opened its doors in 2015.

The Oaks Academy Middle School serves around 200 students in grades 6-8.

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