An Opportunity to Grow…

In partnership with Early Learning Indiana, Indiana Educator Fellowships presents the Early Education Director Fellowship (EEDF).

EEDF is a year-long experience designed to inform, inspire and equip early childhood directors so that their programs flourish. Directors will participate in Fall, Winter and Spring Residency days with experienced Instructional Leaders where they will participate in onsite classroom observations and reflection. All the while, directors will engage with the Instructional Leaders, guest experts, and each other in meaningful conversations about the issues most important to them. The fellowship space will be prepared with connection, understanding, learning, and encouragement for all as its guiding relational values.

Please join us on this journey of growth and apply to the Early Education Director Fellowship.

Opportunities for Early Education Directors

Discover a to Early Education

Observe a Principled Approach

Understand How to Maintain a Philosophy

Reflect on with peers and field experts

Learn to Create a Atmosphere

Create with other Early Ed Directors

Apply To The Fellowship

Applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis with a class capacity of 15 fellows.

Have Questions?

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