Leadership at The Oaks

Andrew N. Hart, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew N. Hart

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Grammer, Head of School, Middle School

Laura Grammer

Head of School
Middle School

Kelly Altman, Head of School, Brookside

Kelly Altman

Head of School

Bruce Crawford, Head of School, Fall Creek

Bruce Crawford

Head of School
Fall Creek

Michael Erler, Chief Financial Officer

Michael Erler

Chief Financial Officer

Angela Gray, Chief Enrollment Officer

Angela Gray

Chief Enrollment Officer

Nathan Hand, Chief Advancement Officer

Nathan Hand

Chief Advancement Officer

Chad Lynn, Director of Oaks Plus

Chad Lynn

Director of Oaks Plus

Board of Trustees

Dennis Barlow, Chairman, Virtustream Managed Services

Dennis Barlow

Virtustream Managed Services

Tina Gridiron, Vice Chairwoman, Consultant

Tina Gridiron

Vice Chairwoman

Stasia Demos-Mills, Secretary, Attorney

Stasia Demos-Mills

Board Secretary

Dave Smitson, Treasurer, Cummins Crosspoint

Dave Smitson

Board Treasurer
Cummins Crosspoint

Shirley Alexander, American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis

Shirley Alexander

American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis

Thakena Hogue, St. Vincent Hospital

Thakena Hogue

St. Vincent Hospital

Jason Kloth, Ascend Indiana

Jason Kloth

Ascend Indiana

Brian Millen, Eli Lilly & Company

Brian Millen

Eli Lilly & Company

Mitch Tull, Marketing Skill Partners

Mitch Tull

Marketing Skill Partners

Terry Lyons, Eli Lilly & Company

Terry Lyons

Eli Lilly & Company

John Burt, Boston Consulting Group

John Burt

Boston Consulting Group

Shannon Williams, Indianapolis Recorder

Shannon Williams

Indianapolis Recorder

Joe Meyer, IU Health

Joe Meyer

IU Health

Eric Welp, Vance & Hines

Eric Welp

Vance & Hines

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