A Highly Collaborative, Relational Environment​

Excellent Professional Development

Work Among a Diverse Student Body

Teaching in Indianapolis


Teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree. Classroom experience and a teaching license are preferred. Teachers must be a professing Christian and in agreement with the core values of The Oaks Academy.

The Oaks Academy intentionally balances its classrooms with a socioeconomically and racially diverse student body and seeks faculty who eagerly relate to children and families from all backgrounds. Typically, candidates for positions at The Oaks Academy have experience teaching in an urban setting, in cross-cultural settings, and in leadership, ministry, or community-based activities.

Interviews at The Oaks Academy are an opportunity for both the school and the candidate to gain mutual insights on history, experience, culture, and values. Candidates are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the school’s website and review the posted articles. This foundational understanding of The Oaks’ educational philosophy helps prepare candidates for the interview process.

Selected candidates are invited to an up to 45-minute interview with at least one Head of School. The candidate is asked about their relevant teaching experience and their understanding of The Oaks Academy mission and philosophy of education.

The second interview may include all-school chapel and an extended classroom observation of an experienced Oaks teacher. The candidate is asked to share observations and questions they may have about the school in the interview that follows the classroom observation.

Candidates may be invited for a third or fourth interview. If a verbal job offer is made, it is followed by a written offer letter which includes a description of benefits for the new hire’s signature.

The Oaks Academy is a highly collaborative, relational environment. Partner teachers share ideas and provide input for one another. Curriculum preparation and team lesson-planning take place in a collegial atmosphere.

Teachers have a generous classroom expense budget and access to excellent professional development training and leadership opportunities.

Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, a retirement plan, and Health Savings Account are important aspects of the benefits extended to all full-time faculty and staff. Personal leave and access to short-term disability are provided.



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