Get to Know The Oaks

Thank you for your interest in The Oaks Academy! As you may know, we are unable to host tour or shadow visits at this time. However, we welcome you to learn about our school virtually through online meetings and panoramic photos of our classrooms and videos which feature our students, parents, community partners, and school leaders.

Nothing can quite recreate the feeling of being inside of an Oaks classroom, but we hope that by seeing the warm environment our teachers and school leaders strive to create, you will begin to capture the beauty of The Oaks. 

Parent Preview

Join our virtual open house, including a live look into classrooms, learn more about The Oaks Academy philosophy and curriculum, and talk to school leaders. 

9:30 - 11 AM

October 28th, November 18 & January 27

Get to Know The Oaks School Decision Webinars

with our Admissions Team & School Leaders

Choosing a school is a critical decision for your family. Join us for a conversation with members of our admissions department, faculty, and staff to learn more about The Oaks Academy, classical education, and how to find a school where your child will thrive.

  • 10/21 – How to Prepare Your Child for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 
  • 10/29 – How to Form Habits in Your Child & How Habits Impact our Educational Philosophy
  • 11/5 – How to Build Confidence, Grit, and Self-Worth in Your Child 
  • 11/19 – The Value of Private Education & How You Can Afford It
  • 11/30 – Navigating Your Child’s Education in the Preteen Years
  • 12/10 – Why Diversity Matters in Education
  • 1/7 – How To Exercise Your Child’s Mind – Why Academic Rigor Matters More Than You Think
  • 1/21 – How to Train Your Child’s Mind to Recognize Truth
  • 2/5 – How to Recognize an Oaks Academy Graduate
  • 2/18 – How To Choose a School Community

Virtual Tours

What to Look for in our Photos and Videos

Our school is based on the philosophy of Charlotte Mason and our classrooms are designed to have a home-like feel with carpets, curtains, and photographs throughout the school. We also believe that students, no matter how young, can appreciate real beauty so to honor their personhood we hang classic works of art from around the world in every room. True to our commitment to urban renewal, we also have taken great care to restore and maintain each of our buildings to their original glory.

We also invite you to view our online videos by visiting the links below to meet some of the faculty, staff, and students who make The Oaks so great. Also, as always, the members of our admissions team stand ready to answer your questions! 

Make The Oaks Academy story your own.

Have Questions?

Change is always challenging, especially when it may effect your children. Please share any questions or comments you have using the form below, or by emailing me directly at ahart@theoaksacademy.org.

I’ll respond to your inquiry directly and as quickly as I can.