On Monday, April 8th, 2024, a once-in-a-lifetime event occurred in our city of Indianapolis, IN: a total solar eclipse. In preparation for this celestial masterpiece, The Oaks Academy took a few intentional steps to ensure our students were able to enjoy the spectacle, including providing a day off for families to experience the event together, purchasing eclipse viewing glasses, and educating students on the science behind the eclipse. As students delved into their scientific curiosity, faculty led lessons and discussions guided by the school’s commitment to our core truths.

At The Oaks, we believe the universe exists as God’s creation, and the natural world reveals His divinity and glory. This belief underpinned our approach to teaching about the solar eclipse. From the youngest in Pre-K to the oldest in eighth grade, our students engaged in lessons designed to instill a sense of awe and reverence for the cosmos while fostering a deeper understanding of scientific principles.

Our instructional resources were carefully curated to align with our educational goals and faith-based principles. Each grade level met specific objectives tailored to their developmental stage, including reading and narration from age-appropriate resources, National Geographic’s Solar Eclipse 101 video accompanied with a discussion, and other hands-on projects or worksheets. Students learned about the rarity of a total eclipse, occurring only once every 375 years along a specific pathway and howIndianapolis was an ideal location for the 2024 event as thousands of people were drawn to our state, eager to witness this marvel of nature.

Equally important was imparting knowledge about solar eclipse safety. Faculty emphasized the importance of following safety rules and demonstrated how to check the integrity of the solar glasses provided to students, ensuring they could view the eclipse without risking their eyesight.

Students and parents returned to classes the following morning sharing their enthusiasm and awe of what they witnessed the day before. As one parent remarked, “The kids were really well-prepared for this event. They even explained to me what Baily’s beads were when I didn’t know myself.” This anecdote encapsulates the essence of our educational mission: to inspire curiosity, foster understanding, and empower our students to embrace the wonders of the universe.

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