Lower School at The Oaks

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade attend one of our lower school campuses, either Brookside or Fall CreekWhile your student will receive the same high-quality education and experience at both campuses, parents have the option to choose which campus they would like to join, dependent on capacity.

Curriculum Overview

As part of our Core Value of Relationships Come First, we recognize the interconnected relationship of all knowledge. Through our unique classical curriculum, we integrate rich ideas from all disciplines to create an immersive experience that allows students to develop a love of learning. With the addition of habit formation, our curriculum is designed to develop the whole child.


The study of the humanities combines many subject areas at The Oaks Academy, including history, literature, art and music appreciation, geography and Biblical narratives, and is taught within a chronological timeline.

Kindergarten introduces concepts such as maps, timelines, and history through story, art and music. First grade takes a “tour of the world” by “traveling” from continent to continent and focusing on geography, culture, and history. In second grade, students begin our chronological timeline of history with Ancient Egypt and Israel. Third grade studies Ancient Greece and the Roman Republic; fourth grade learns about the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; fifth grade covers the Mesoamerican civilization, Explorers of the New World and Early American History.


The study of the Bible throughout lower school closely follows the humanities chronological timeline.

Kindergarten and first grade start with major events and characters from across ancient Bible lands while second grade follows Egyptian history in Genesis and Exodus. Third grade covers the conquest of Canaan and Israel’s kingdom years; fourth grade reads of the life of Christ and the rise of the early church; fifth grade follows the travels and letters of Paul


Starting in Kindergarten, students begin using HMHco’s Into Math textbooks in their study of numbers and patterns. Math concepts are incorporated into science and nature lessons, literature, and play. 

The Lower School uses Into Math at a pace that prepares students for the rigors of Middle School math, including elements of algebra and geometry.

language arts

From Kindergarten to Second grade, a strong foundation in Language Arts is built with a focus on phonemic awareness and phonics instruction, handwriting, and dialogic reading. Third through fifth grade continues with lessons in cursive handwriting and in composition. Students develop short paragraphs into stories, letters and essays.

Students practice and present recitations, from short poems and Bible verses to historic speeches. They engage in reading through class read-alouds and books of their own selection. 

Science &
nature study

Beginning in Kindergarten, students keep a Nature Notebook that continues through all grades to record experiences with nature and apply drawing skills.

In Kindergarten and first grade, students study the difference between living and nonliving organisms before they begin to examine habitats and biomes. Each grade from second through fifth focuses on a particular biome that coincides with their study in the humanities.


Starting in third grade, students spend two days a week studying Latin, which provides a timeless connection to the classical world. 

Latin helps students learn the structure and usage of words, which gives them a better grasp of English vocabulary and grammar as well as the purpose of sentences and paragraphs.


In Kindergarten and first grade, students become familiar with the techniques, principles and elements of art. Music class develops the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm.

By second grade, art projects are fully integrated with the humanities and science curriculum. New techniques and mediums are explored at every grade level. In music class, students engage with classical and contemporary works and explore harmony and multi-part music.


Local destinations such as the Indianapolis Art Museum at Newfields, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis offer learning opportunities for students in many different grades.

Students begin to take overnight trips to destinations that align with their humanities curriculum, including St. Meinrad’s Archabbey in Fourth grade and Camp Tecumseh in Fifth grade.

A Day in the Life of Kindergarten

Lauds or Chapel on Wednesdays

Calendar, Bible

Literacy and Math Centers

Snack & Morning Recess


Lunch & Nap/Rest Time

Read Aloud, Afternoon Recess

Daily Reflection

A Day in the Life of 2nd Grade

Lauds or Chapel on Wednesdays

Bible, Math Instruction

Literacy Instruction

Lunch & Recess

Read Aloud

Humanities, Science/Nature Study


Daily Reflection

A Day in the Life of 4th Grade

Lauds or Chapel on Wednesdays

Bible, Humnaities

Literacy Instruction


Lunch & Recess

Math Instruction

Science / Nature Study

Daily Reflection

Moving on to Middle School

After completing 5th grade at either of our lower schools, students will move to our Middle School, located at the Martindale-Brightwood Campus, to complete grades 6 through 8.

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