Stepping into a classroom at The Oaks Academy often prompts parents, donors, and visitors to reconsider what they know about school. Our classrooms are spaces where our core value of authentic learning flourishes and students engage with a feast of ideas to develop principled, critical thinking. 

However, they are more than just rooms for academic exploration. Our classrooms are infused with love – love for our students, love for learning, and a renewed love for teaching. Because The Oaks is more than a nurturing environment for our students; it’s also a place of support and great fulfillment for our teachers. 

Get a glimpse into the heart of our educational community and discover what teaching at The Oaks is all about – directly from our teachers (for the second time!). 

Mrs. Tanya Storey
Pre-Kindergarten teacher

Something that I really appreciate about this place, and maybe this is not the answer that I would have given a few years ago, but the Christ-centeredness. I appreciate that if I’m having a hard day, then my colleagues or my boss can come alongside me and put their hands on me and encourage me.

We pray over each other, and I just think that is really impactful. I would not have had the same answer when I was 23, but I have grown in my faith as a result of being in this place. I think that’s something that’s really special about this community.

Ms. Sarah Leistner
First grade teacher

Something I’ve come to realize about The Oaks that is unique, is that we really do respect and appreciate the role of the family and that parents are their children’s first teachers. That is the foundational and most important thing in each child’s life. And then we – we’re very important – but we are secondary; we are a support to that. 

And ironically when you’re at a place that recognizes this and puts things in, what I believe is, God’s ordained order, then it’s so much more fruitful.

Mr. Will Shaw
Fifth grade teacher

One thing that makes The Oaks different than pretty much every other school, especially schools that I’ve worked at in the past, is just that feeling of known and loved.

Seeing a smiling face first thing when a student walks in the door – I know Mrs. Altman and Mrs. Pletcher are both standing at the entrance greeting every student – and then coming into the classroom. Students are able to say: “You know what, I can’t wait to have a great day.”

I truly see that in the sparkle in students’ eyes as well as their smiles, and we start each day ready to learn and have the best time doing it. 

Mrs. Michelle Rausch
Sixth grade Humanities teacher

I love teaching at the middle school. Our administration is absolutely wonderful – very supportive – and our teaching staff is very community oriented and we all have fun together.

It’s not a place where you’re coming to work and you are isolated in your own classroom and doing your own thing. We all very much work together and I know that sounds idealistic, but it actually happens.

Community is really, really big here.

The love our teachers have for teaching at The Oaks is just one piece of the puzzle that develops students into amazing alumni who look back on their educational experience with joy. In an environment characterized by a culture of being known and loved, it is no wonder that teachers at The Oaks feel fulfilled and renewed in their role of uplifting the minds of today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

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