At The Oaks Academy, our unique classical curriculum aims to develop a love of learning in our students. One distinctive feature of this curriculum is the study of humanities, which combines the study of history, literature, art and music appreciation, geography, and Biblical narratives. This integration provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of different subjects.

In second grade, the study of humanities is introduced within a chronological timeline of history, where students begin by learning about Ancient Egypt and Israel. A highly anticipated event in our Lower School is the annual Museum of Ancient Egypt that our second grade classes host. Each class is transformed into its own unique museum where students take on the role of museum guides, leading guests (family and other students in the school) through exhibits prepared by the students. 

Putting a museum together is no easy feat, and our students spend months curating and creating their exhibits, as well as learning how to be engaging and entertaining docents. Students start their study of the land and animals, learning about the geographical features and how that affected the people living in the region. With an understanding of the importance of irrigation in ancient Egypt, students constructed shadoofs, simple machines used for water lifting, and created three-dimensional maps of the region. 

Students then moved on to understanding the culture of the region, learning about the pharaohs and queens and the myths that surrounded them. Students create canopic jars, mirroring the historical practices of preserving organs during the mummification process, and construct a paper coffin where they will place an Egyptian ruler made of  salt dough for display in the museum. A visit to the Egyptian exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum to learn more about Egyptian and hosting a museum exhibit, as well as art and music studies, are also part of the immersive learning experience.


Exhibits at a Glance

Salt-Dough Maps of Egypt

Transforming two-dimensional representations into three dimensions, every second grader crafts a salt-dough map of Upper and Lower Egypt or the Giza pyramid complex, showcasing their creativity and understanding of geography. Students explain what they have learned about life in Egypt based on this geography to give museum visitors a basic understanding of life in the region.

Mummy Display and Sarcophagus

Guided by student “embalmers” equipped with canopic jars, visitors encounter a captivating display of mummies and sarcophagi, shedding light on ancient burial practices.

Hieroglyphs and the Rosetta Stone

Students master the art of hieroglyphic writing and gain insights into the significance of the Rosetta Stone, a crucial artifact in deciphering ancient Egyptian scripts. In this exhibit, student guides help their visitors write their own name in hieroglyphics as a keepsake.

Gods and Goddesses and the Weighing of the Heart

Second graders delve into the fascinating world of ancient Egyptian mythology, explaining the practice of worshiping gods and goddesses. The centerpiece of this exhibit is the symbolic weighing of the heart, a pivotal concept in Egyptian afterlife beliefs.

Crawl-Through Pyramid

The highlight of the museum, an interactive experience awaits as students construct a crawl-through pyramid, offering a hands-on exploration of architectural marvels from the Giza pyramid complex and all the treasures that pyramids held for Egyptian rulers to bring into the afterlife with them.


The journey through Ancient Egypt in second grade at The Oaks Academy is an immersive experience that sparks curiosity and a love for learning, with the Museum of Ancient Egypt standing as a testament to the students’ engagement, creativity, and understanding of the rich tapestry of human history. As we guide our students through the chronological timeline of history, we not only impart knowledge but also instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for the interconnectedness of the world. This unique approach sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning, shaping students into well-rounded individuals ready to explore the world with a deep understanding of its historical and cultural dimensions.

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